Scrimless Fiber Design


Hydra Fishing, LLC introduces Scrimless Fiber Design (SFD) to reduce energy robbing materials used in rod blank construction and push fishing rod performance to the highest levels demanded by today’s top anglers.

SFD_TeaserSFD represents a completely new approach to rod blank design and construction by eliminating the use of a fiberglass or carbon paper scrim. By not utilizing the customary fiberglass and/or carbon paper scrim traditionally used in rod blanks, blanks featuring SFD are void of these vibration dampening lower modulus materials. This provides a platform for crisp vibration transmission and increased blank responsiveness. High quality linear carbon fiber cloth that is up to 29% thinner and 9% lighter than traditional materials is paired with an exact resin matrix mix to create a durable composite that after high pressure rolling is 4% tighter than previous designs. Hoop strength is maintained through our proven proprietary design that ensures rods won’t fail during an epic fish fight. Rod blanks built using SFD have higher final average modulus ratings and are some of the lightest, most sensitive and durable blanks available today.

SFD is the result of a multi-year development effort and is immediately available through Hydra NG Series rod blanks which are manufactured in the USA. Blanks feature an ultra thin matte finish for protection and neutral appearance. Models are available in a host of over 80 popular actions, powers and lengths.

Hydra NG Series rod blanks are currently available from Bingham Enterprises and directly from Hydra. Blanks are available for both custom rod builders and OEM customers.

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