Hydra Fishing, LLC (“Hydra”) was established in 2005 with the primary focus of the sale and manufacture of fishing rods and components for freshwater and inshore fishing markets. Strategic partnerships formed allow Hydra the ability to meet customer needs with innovative, proprietary products. These products include finished rods, rod guides, grips, reel seats, and rod blanks. The NG Series of rod blanks are manufactured in the USA at our partner location and other parts are sourced from various international suppliers.

Hydra’s current client base includes end users (anglers), private label rod retailers, large fishing rod manufacturers, and custom rod builders.

Hydra’s niche is bass fishing. Being based in South Carolina, we’re located less than two hours from Lake Murray, Clarks Hill Lake, Lake Hartwell and the famous Santee Cooper Lakes – all hosts to major competitive bass fishing events and championships. We spend our time in bass boats. You aren’t going to see a bunch of pictures of salmon, halibut, snook, or other fish. When you need a spy baiting or flick shake rod – we’ll know what you’re talking about and will have the right set of components to recommend.

Our Values:

  • Excel in customer service
  • Strive to be at the next level
  • Do it right and do it well